Airmesh Fabrics Airmesh Fabrics

Airmesh, also called sandwich mesh, is a kind of knitted fabric made by tow-needle-bar warp-knitting machines. Featuring comfortable permeability, shock absorption, and good elastic resiliency, Sandwich mesh has the application in bags, cases, and cushion. Thick air mesh can be applied in mattress, automobile interior decoration, vehicle cushions, breathable shoe pads, moisture absorption and quick dry medical mattresses, and so on. If composite materials are combined with the mesh, it's possible to produce compartmentalized material, construction, soundproofing board.

Lycra Fabric Lycra Fabric

Lycra, sandex,  or elastane, which is stronger and more durable than rubber,  is a type of synthetic fiber. It allows garments to be more lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. It is quick drying and dyes very well, and it is resistant to bacteria, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and chlorine. Lycra is widely used in fabric blends including cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers.

Special Fabrics Special Fabrics

It is not so much that special fabrics are "special" as that they can be re-processed in many ways. Special fabrics are characteristic of a great many styles and designs and are all in color fastness and clear patterns. If you need customized special functional fabric, please notify us of the required specifications and expected quantity, we would be glad to be at your service.

Circular Knit Circular Knit

Circular knit, in a multitude of styles and colors, has very good elasticity. By and large, it is used as the front edge of high class fashion and women's suits. On account of its distinctive kintting, circular knit is merely suitable for water and dry cleaning.

Warp mesh Warp mesh

Warp mesh fabrics are warp knitted with polyester or nylon yarns.  The broad spspectrum of warp mesh ranges from lightweight fine fabrics to heavy duty durable fabrics. They are widely used for athlectic wear, backpack, luggage, fishing nets, laundry bags, footwear, filtration, medical, automotive, juvenile products and safety vests, and so forth.

Micro Suede Micro Suede

Micro-suede, a new micro-fiber knit blend fabric, is getting more and more prevalent as a result of its special properties like softness, stain-resistance and pliability. It is made from very fine micro-fibers which are about a hundred times finer than the average human hair. Compared to normal suede, micro suede is easier to clean, and is water resistant.